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April 26, 2010

A really chilled-out post today to reflect my posting of the last few weeks: I’ve been busy and even when I wasn’t there was always an excuse not to make another post… But I’ve been impressed by a certain Belgian DJ duo lately and I wanted to share it with someone, so here we are!

The duo that’s been on my mind is Aeroplane, and these guys are one of Belgium’s major musical export products. You could compare their international appeal with that of 2 Many DJ’s and to a lesser extent The Subs. Their essential mix on BBC Radio 1 last week (they were the 500th DJ/producer who were given the opportunity to make such a mix) really opened my eyes, and watching some clips on Youtube I soon discovered that I really hope this sort of music becomes a part of the mainstream culture. It’s just all so… easy to listen to!

Here you go people, Aeroplane! First their “Chart mix” for March:

And then there’s the Essential mix they made for BBC Radio 1

Aeroplane – Essential mix BBC Radio 1

.. and because I know this is way too soft, some hot shit you’ve been missing out on:

The Subs – Pope of Dope

Dada Life – Cookies with a smile

Sub Beat Project – Beaut (David Vade remix)


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