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Woot dubstep

May 30, 2010

Have I ever posted dubstep here? I don’t remember doing so… So here’s some downtempo madness for y’all! Hosted on Zippyshare because Mediafire was being a total bitch.

A beautiful dubstep mix of a song from Twilight (if you can turn Twilight into dubstep, you’re the man!). Haven’t heard of Blue Foundation before but that’s probably because I don’t listen to the Twilight soundtrack. Name to remember here is Zed’s Dead, clicking will take you to this Canadian badboy’s Myspace!

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire (Zed’s Dead remix)

Then there’s this gem of a Flux Pavillion remix, off Dj Fresh’s newly released “Gold Dust EP”. Dancefloor material fo sho.

Dj Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion remix)

And something very smooth and calm from Modestep, using a vocal that sounds familiar to me but that I can’t really give a place in space or time. Timeless class and a big fat bass.

Modestep – Exile


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  1. January 18, 2011 12:33 pm

    that flux track is nice but has been around for 6 months or so.

    Zeds is niceeeee, pulp fiction rules 😛

    • January 19, 2011 12:03 am

      Yeah it’s an old post, must be from around May somewhere.. I’m starting this blog up again after my exams, so come have a look in a month or so and there’ll be some fresh tunage! 😉

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