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Like a boss

January 24, 2011

Wow, it seems to have been a LONG while since I’ve posted here.. This place needs a little paint and some new banging tunes or it just won’t do! Luckily for everyone who might still stumble on this little blog o’ mine, I’ve got the exact amount of tunes to make you forget that I’m not going to paint the place.

I have to admit that I’ve become a bit of a dubstep junk the last half year. Not to the extent of listening to nothing BUT dubstep, but I do need my fix every once in a while. And that’s where Eptic comes in, fresh off the new “Obey” EP!

Eptic – Obey

Some other fresh stuff, including some electro for those still stuck in 2005.. Nah kidding, it’s fresh alright. Very.

Chase & Status – Blind Faith (Trolley Snatcha remix)

Hey Today! – Strange (Polymorphic remix)

Asser – Unstoppable

Ntrld – Let ya Glock burst

And to finish this madness off, a nice “new” Clockwork remix I’ve been hunting ever since I heard it on his Soundcloud somewhere in October. Still no luck, I’ll post it when I find it. Just listen to that kitty purrrrrr!


1997 (Clockwork Remix)- Mercurius FM by ClockworkMusic


Cy’all whenever I feel like posting again 😉

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